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Right now Nizhny Novgorod government is preparing to host the 9th International Forum "ITForum 2020/IT-Jam".

The annual Forum is not only a demonstration of the latest achievements in the IT-sphere, but, above all, it reflects the government policy and current trends in the society development. In Nizhny Novgorod region such Forum is held annually. Each year, the Forum increasingly covers all possible areas of development and application of IT and attracts the attention of a growing number of participants.

The Forum presents a wide range of opportunities for organizations and participants. The Forum framework includes thematic conferences, round tables, discussion clubs, meetings and sections, as well as the stand exhibition.

The concept of the IX International Forum of information technologies "ITFORUM2020 /IT-Jam"

When we take life too seriously, it mocks us

Recent events force us to be serious about life. Meanwhile, the insights that are necessary for the birth of brilliant ideas of how to create breakthrough technologies and select of optimal decisions require a state of lightness, freedom, an ability to distance oneself from various restrictions. This condition can be achieved in jazz when hearing the first notes of your favorite tunes, you enter a different reality and play your own jazz.

It can easily be seen that jazz and IT have a lot in common. For example, like jazz, information technologies know no borders, and their language is clear to the "devoted" on different continents. Like jazz, high technologies are the art of improvisation, where the freedom of expression is given to every participant in the process, but what is prized above all is the ability to understand each other, and eventually get a harmonious composition - like software. And, of course, like jazz, IT is the art of the chosen!
Developing this analogy and being inspired by not serious, but the HIGH art of jazz, we decided to spend the 9th International Forum of the informational technologies in the format IT-Jam.

Jam-session in jazz is a joint individual and collective improvisations of the musicians on given or free topics, taking place in an informal setting. Often the outcome of such meetings is the creation of new material. We expect that IT-Jam in Nizhny Novgorod will be the creative space of IT-professionals, representatives of various sectors of the economy, public sector, small and medium businesses gathered together by the atmosphere of jazz and able to meet and hear each other. And perhaps the outcome of IT-improvisations will be a new IT-strategy, new IT-tools, new business alliances in the IT-sector, and most important– IT-inspiration!


IT-Jam will be held in the format of free improvisations on relevant IT-topics, and we offer  following direction as a kind of analogues of jazz standards:
• Information technologies in public executive authorities;
• IT in healthcare, science and education;
• IT in the industrial sector;
• The development of telecommunications and the bridging of the digital divide.
• Development of the IT-ecosystem (it companies, technoparks, business incubators);
• IT start-UPS;
• IT-education;
• IT for life: smart city, smart home, Internet of things.
• IT solutions in sports (the preparation and holding of the 2018 World Cup);
• IT in the sphere of culture (interactive exhibitions, etc.);
• Advertising and promotion in the IT field.

The participants of IT-Jam will be able to demonstrate their skills in the format of round tables, panel discussions, expert councils, seminars, workshops, presentations, contests.

The framework of cultural program of the forum will include “know-how tours” in leading specialized educational institutions, as well as excursions to cultural, historic and scientific attractions in Nizhny Novgorod.
We hope that from various IT-styles the Forum participants will be able to choose those ones that better suit their current needs, and provided IT-solutions will make it easier to find new IT-arrangements for products and services of government and commercial organizations.

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